Rare 17 Foot Oarfish Washes Ashore On A Calif Island

Rare 17-foot oarfish washes ashore on a Los Angeles coastal island. By Michael Martinez and Stella Chan, CNN. Updated 1:45 PM ET, Wed .A dead oarfish with a belly full of krill washed up on Santa Catalina Island a 15 1/2 foot oarfish that washed ashore at Santa Catalina Island. Sign up for the free Essential California newsletter >> Oarfish swim far out in the ocean and at great depths, around 3,000 feet, making sightings extremely rare..Rare “Sea Serpent” Oarfish Found on California Island stands next to a 14-foot-long oarfish that washed onto a Catalina beach on June 1. Another one bites the dust: A dead oarfish has washed ashore on Catalina Island, .

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